Friday, August 10, 2012

Number 5...

Life has changed significantly for me in the past while. You may have noticed the absence of posts and the slower response to emails regarding fit family meal plans. Don't worry I will be back on track soon but a couple of life changing events have occurred which have derailed me a bit.

First of all we bought another home and moved in. And also, sorry to my friends that are finding out this news on my blog first, but I am expecting my 5th child. I won't say how far a long I am but lets just say I am still REALLY sick. I wasn't even this sick with my twins!

This of course has changed my eating significantly.  I can't cook meat without gagging and as for my regular morning egg white breakfast...forget it! I can't even think about eggs without getting woozy. My poor little family has been adapting. They have been getting cold cereal and sandwiches which they don't mind.

The exercise has been good. I have had a few days where I have woke up so sick that I couldn't exercise but for the most part I have been able to keep a type of schedule. I am craving carbs ALOT. I banned pasta a while ago in our home but have brought it back with the pregnancy because it is easy for me to get down. My kids love it but we still have a substitute for my husband since he is still actively losing weight. Pasta for dinner is definitely a weight loss stopper.

Even with the sickness I have gained and will continue to gain throughout my pregnancy it is just what happens. I embrace it and focus on overall health instead of a more extreme fitness.  I keep in mind that one day my before and after pictures will rock!

If you know my history I am a believer in pregnancy and exercise at least for me. To make a long story short my pregnancies go significantly better, my babies are healthier and I feel so much better when I am engaged in moderate and frequent exercise while pregnant. I have done both the sedentary pregnancies and exerciser pregnancies and there was 100% difference in the way I felt through them. I would not say that I am an advocate for all women to exercise while pregnant. I think that every woman is different and that is something for individuals and their doctors to consider but it has proved to be useful to me.

The current recommendations for exercise and pregnancy are for women not to do back laying exercises in the last trimester (the weight of the baby can cut of blood circulation in that position especially during strenuous activity in which the body needs more blood flow) also to avoid any possible moves that may cause trauma or balance issues resulting in trauma to the abdominal. On my own, I also take out plyometric moves (jumping) because I don't feel right about it for me. I also don't race. I am too stinking competitve and want to avoid the temptation of over exertion. During pregnancy woman also have more of the hormone flexin which loosens the joints in preparation for delivery so it is easier to pull muscles. So I try to be careful in that regard as well.

This will be the first pregnancy in which I will lift heavy. I have already adapted that part and definitely have gone easier on certain moves. I can always rebuild my muscles but just have one chance to create this little baby so despite much of the literature that says it is ok to lift heavy I will use great caution.

So with all this craziness in my life please be patient with the emails of the pdfs. This is a free service that I do but I am finding that it is taking a lot more time than anticipated. I will continue to do this as long as I am able. In the mean time may I send you a free meal plan? There is no obligation attached to my offer, get it today!

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