Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fit Family Savory Low Calorie Beanless Chili

My mom used to cook chili for over 100 people once a year. She started a week of preparation for the project so we had dried beans stewing on the stove for days. The house was always full of delicious smells. People would often say they dreamed of her chili the entire year before. When I got married and had kids I was disappointed that I couldn't make chili for my family since we had bean issues and since it took a couple of days of preparation. But last night I adapted my mom's super chili recipe to make it low calorie, bean-less and quick. It was a winner! We loved it as a family and one of my 8 year old twins earnestly asked me if I had written the recipe down so that I could reproduce it. He knows me all to well.

I did get the recipe and even took  a picture this time

Savory Low Calorie Beanless Chili
Healthy and delicious!
Serves 12

1 lb Extra lean hamburger,
2 medium zucchini chopped small,
1 TBs canola or olive oil,
1 medium yellow onion,
1 yellow, 1 red and 1 orange mini bell peppers ,
1 large can tomato juice (46 oz), 1/2 cup vinegar,
1 can diced tomatoes, 1 can cilantro and lime stewed tomatoes (plain is fine),
Mild Chili Seasoning Packet (just because I am lazy),

Instructions: Chop onion finely and cook with 1 tbs of olive or canola oil in large sauce pan. Cook until onion is soft add chopped zucchini and saute together. Add hamburger meat and chopped peppers with stems and cores removed. Let hamburger cook fully then add chili seasoning packet and stir in with meat and vegetable mixture. Add tomatoes. Watch closely for burning and add tomato sauce slowly. Add Vinegar and 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp of pepper. Stir and bring to a slow boil. Add more salt and vinegar to preferred taste. Let simmer for an hour for more flavor. It is delicious fresh but always best the day after. I'm not sure on the servings we all ate it so quickly but I think it was about 12.

Bulk prep.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Anonymous said...

why beanless? are beans a good source of protein?

seesuerun said...

Yes beans are a great source of protein (most are not a complete protein but are easy to compliment with other protein sources) and personally I LOVE beans but I have family members who have "bean issues". I know that part of my family can't enjoy the meal if they are included. Beans do have a lot of calories and carry a significant amount of carbs so a person watching those numbers should be careful but that is not the issue here. We would eat them if we could and I eat them in my personal meals.

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