Sunday, October 21, 2012

More "Smeals" please! A Weight Loss Secret!

Do you start the day with solid determination to eat healthy but by lunch you begin to lose control and by dinner you decide that you can start again tomorrow? You just may need more "smeals".

What are smeals? Well since I am terming them and I haven't found anyone else who uses that word yet besides me, I can write my own definition:


Smeal - [s-meel]
noun a mix between a snack and a meal or in other words a small meal. It has all the nutrients of a substantial meal such as proteins, carbs and healthy fats but has the quickness and ease of a snack.

There ya go.

In my opinion, we need to readjust our thinking as a society. When I use the term "snack" people often think of granola bars or an apple. When I use the term "meal" people, especially moms, associate that word with slaving over a hot stove for an hour and taking a half hour to eat. I used to cringe at the thought of 6 meals because I had that mental association.

Smeals isn't just about what we eat but it is rethinking the whole process. A person can loose weight on 3 meals a day. Lets be clear about that. The reason why we hear 6 meals a day is because the meals tend to be closer together and people have more success with this especially if they are on a calorie deficiet diet. Blood glucose stays more level for those who have swing issues especially when carbohydrates are controlled and protein is consumed with each meal.

The beauty of smeals is that they can be made ahead of time in bulk or they can be made on the spot quickly. The key is in the planning.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

More about smeals to come later...if you were waiting for the perfect time to start eating clean with your family, the time is now. Sign up for your free meal plan today.

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steve carve said...

This post was amazing and I love the beauty of s-meals because they can be made ahead of time in bulk or they can be made on the spot quickly.

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