Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Out of Place, still in pace

Does anyone feel out of place in the fitness industry but you return and engage in it daily?

Sometimes I do. These are just some scattered thoughts about why I don't feel like I fit in or why many of us think we don't fit in with the fitness industry but in the end it really doesn't matter to our health.

After I get up early in the morning to workout I rush home to be there before my kids wake up. Some nights I will be up all night with a sick child but still I make it to my workout. If I don't get it in my whole day gets thrown off.

I have to constantly fight the battle of feeding an army but not eating like one. I still eat a lot but my decisions need to be calculated. When you cook for a family there are more angles to consider than if you only focus on your own nutrition.

Even though at times I teach fitness classes in front of people I rarely wear the latest and trendiest fitness outfits. I buy good quality and they last but I am prudent. With that said I don't scrimp on running shoes. I have found that a good pair of running shoes will prevent injury and they are worth the price.

I LOVE to lift weights which battles my love for running. The two don't seem to go hand in hand.

I listen to uplifting lectures on my iPod some days as I lift.

I try to balance my love of fitness with my spiritual well being. I value motherhood, I cherish my children and continue to make them my focus.

I now weigh almost 10 pounds more than what what I used to consider fit. Now the scale is deceptive because of the added muscle but if feels good.

I look forward to my workouts. I find that time in the gym makes me a better mother and more available to my family. It is my reset button.

I constantly battle or ignore the voices that tell me I should look a certain way and that I should not be satisfied with what my creator has given me. I try to dodge the endless pictures of extra-fit girls on Facebook memes, Instagram and Pinterest. I hope every moment to be happy with this treasure that I have been given and make it the best possible.

I won't talk foul when I talk about working out or talking about working out. For some reason this seems to be the norm in the fitness industry. It doesn't seem to make me any stronger or any better it is just the opposite.

A long run on country roads surrounded by fields in my hometown is almost as good as a day at the spa for me.

I love the art of sculpting the human body with both nutrition and activity. I believe that building the body is a sport that very few people understand.

I believe in eating clean but also rotating food storage a concept that few in the fitness industry understand. I also use coupons when possible which is an art in itself.

So although I may be out of place at times in what I associate with some in the industry I am still in pace with where my fitness goals are going and still in pace with most of those around me who feel the same way I do. I really don't need to look, speak or act a certain way in order to achieve my fitness goals, those things are distractions and seem to lead to less peace on my fitness journey.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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