Monday, February 9, 2015

Find a great running partner!

Hi gals! This is Merri and I occasionally help Susan with her social media for Fit Family Meals. 

On Facebook last Friday I asked her Fit Family Meal fans if they would be interested in some running tips or if it should just be about meals.  And the response I got was, "YES we want tips!" So today's post is my first tip to help you get out there running!

Find a great running partner!

This is something that applies to the beginner and seasoned runner. I have met some of my dearest friends through running. Running is actually how I met Susan! My running partners keep me accountable, safe, motivated and entertained!

4 Reasons Why you want NEED a running partner

Without a running partner I have no reason to get up at 5 am, go out into the dark and cold morning. Really, I would rather be in my soft comfy bed with my new sheets I just bought from Costco. I can make plenty of excuses when I am tired. When I know my friend is outside with her reflector vest on and  head lamp shining into my windows waiting for me, I get up! 

There is strength in numbers! I hate running the the dark. It's scary! I worry about animals, cars, bad people and UFOs (wink wink on the last one). When I have at least one other person I feel more safe. I hope that with two reflector vests we can be seen better than with only one. I hope that a creepy person would avoid us because we're together.

I try to find partners who are better runners than I am. I do that so I can continue to be motivated and work on keeping up with them. I want to get better myself and my partners always help me do that. And I sometimes sneak in extra workouts when they aren't looking. ;)

I'll say it again my running partners end up being my best friends! I love long runs of talking and laughing. At the end of the run it didn't feel like a workout at all! It just felt like a great talk therapy session! 

So there you have my first tip and 4 reasons why you NEED a running partner! I would love to know about why you have a running partner and what they mean to you!

Happy trails,

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seesuerun said...

Great article Merri! I completely agree! There are so many times I would not have gotten up to run if it weren't for running buddies and those friendships seem to last!!!

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