Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Follower Question "How do you clean your cutting boards?"

So this is a funny question because I have worried about cutting boards more than I probably should.

I grew up with wood cutting boards that look like this.

And then I took a microbiology class in college and now every time I think about using a wooden cutting board I feel like this. (Picture compliments of my son)

I tried a few cleaning ideas but found the answer at my sister-in-law's home. (Thanks Vonda!) I saw her using something that would change my life! These thin plastic cutting boards that you can buy on amazon prime for 3 for $8!

My plastic cutting sheet isn't as pretty as the sheets you will find on the link below because my board is well loved.

These are great because you can throw them in the dishwasher and sanitize them. They are also color corrdinated so that if you are super crazy like me you can have a specific color for meat, fruit, vegetables and so forth!

An added bonus is that you can cut your item then fold the plastic sheet with two hands and transport it to your dish or pan. This picture is me trying to snap a photo with one hand while using the other to illustrate. It didn't work so well just imagine two hands.

These plastic sheets go in the dish washer and fit well in my cupboard. If I cut something with lots of liquid then I just place a cookie sheet underneath the plastic sheet to catch the juice which is another reason to use them. 

So to answer the question I still use my wooden cutting board with the plastic sheet but I don't cut directly on it and I will probably never do that ever again. It's another reason why I'm grateful for modern kitchen innovation! #microbiologyruinedmeforlife

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