Friday, February 13, 2015

Zucchini Scramble

This is a lean and green meal that my kids actually love. Zucchini, seasoned turkey, and eggs. Served with our favorite veggies and fruit! My kids all under 10 yrs old love it!This is also a "1 dish meal" which I always appreciate because it means less dishes!!!

Zucchini Scramble
2 small to medium zucchinis
2 eggs
1 seasoned Jennie-O turkey breast patty or just ground turkey breast 

Spritz pan with olive oil, cut into thin slices and cook zucchini halfway, move to the side of pan but use the same pan. Add patty, try to separate meat patty to look more like ground hamburger. When meat is cooked blend zucchini and meat together. Then move zucchini and eggs to the side of pan to make room for eggs. 

Crack eggs into pan cook and scramble (they only take a minute to cook) blend all contents together. Add salt and pepper. I added seasoning salt this time and it was really good. 

The entire dish has minimal calories less than 350 and we ate it as a family of 7 but we also added 3 extra veggies as side dishes. You may have to add olive oil depended on how much liquid your zucchini contains.
Happy Healthy Eating!

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