Monday, May 4, 2015

A Day With Healthy Habits

Are you curious about what an average day looks like when you're trying to be healthy? Here's a basic layout sample. Of course you can modify to it to fit your needs. You might need more or less calories, protein, water, etc. 

Basic Day layout Sample:

Early morning workout 

Meals and  Goal Calories 

7 am Post workout 250 cal Example: Chocolate Spinach Protein Shake

8 am Breakfast 250 cal ExampleProtein Pancakes

10 am Morning Snack 150 cal Example: String Cheese wrapped in a 45 calorie slice of turkey and a piece of fruit.

1 pm Lunch 250 cal Example: Grilled Chicken Avocado Wrap

3 pm Afternoon Snack 150 cal Example: Cheese and Veggies. Laughing cow cheese wedge light variety (30 cal) and veggies. 

5 pm Dinner 300 cal Example: Cilantro Lime Fajitas 

8 pm Night Snack 150 cal Example: Plain Greek yogurt with 1 gm or less of sugar free jello and a sugar substitute to sweeten. Eat soft or prepare beforehand by blending and freezing to make ice cream. OR use Dannon Greek vanilla flavored yogurt.

Total Calories: 1500-1600 cal 
Total Protein Goal: 120 grams 
Total Carb Goal: Below 150 grams 

Daily Habits 
 10 min meditation and mental plan 
 64 oz water minimum
 Sleep 7.5 - 9 hours 
 Exercise 6 Days 
 No Junk 
 No Cheat meals/licks, bites or tastes
 Veggies are free 

Once a week prep 
 Measurements: hips, waist, chest, body fat, weight 
 Before Picture 

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