Thursday, May 14, 2015

Avocado Cheese Burger Salad

This salad was so good! It was seriously better than a cheese burger!!!  This recipe is really a burger without the bun and a lot more lettuce.

Grilled turkey burger
Chopped lettuce
Scoop of avocado
Mozzarella cheese

I grilled a turkey burger on my foreman grill.  Once it was done I cut it into smaller pieces and put it into a bowl. I added my chopped lettuce, a scoop of mashed up avocado, a squirt of ketchup, a squirt of mustard, and some low fat mozzarella cheese. I stirred it all together and it was yummy! A diced tomato and/or some onions would be great as well! Think, "anything you would normally put on a burger can go in this salad!"


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