Monday, May 18, 2015

Marathon Monday

Today I wanted to write a quick blog post about marathons. I should call this post, "How to Run a Marathon in 4 Easy Steps." ;) But there's really no easy way to run a marathon actually because....

"Running a marathon is like having a baby."
- Merri K. Hackett

Step 1 - Pick a race and register

Just like when deciding to have a baby, you and your spouse have to talk about it. Is this marathon during a good time? Is your spouse willing and able to support you? When you can both agree, it's go time!
This is one of my pinterest boards. It's great to register early because you get in a lot cheaper. So I save my races here and refer back to it often.

Step 2 - Find and start your training plan

The pregnancy is like the training.  It takes a long long time to cook your baby and a long time to train for 26.2 miles. Towards the end you are tired and worn out everyday...everyday.  At the very end you doubt yourself and ask if you're ready for this.  I don't think you ever feel ready for either.
For every marathon I have ever done, I print out blank calendars and fill in the days. I have had races where I follow this plan to the T! And I've done races where I have had to go back and re-do it all. For reasons such as time, injury, level of excitement, current fitness level, etc.

Step 3 - Run that marathon

The labor is race day.  The big day is finally here! All the preparation and hard work is going to pay off today!  Before the race you're exciting and can't wait to start. Then during the race you say you're never going to do this again and it hurts so bad. And you ask yourself, "Why in the world did I want to put myself through so much pain?" Too bad there is not a marathon epidural. :)

Step 4 - Cross the finish line

The delivery is like crossing the finish line and you somehow forget all of the pain and think it was all worth it!  And (after a week or two) for some strange reason you want to do it all over again. How easily we forget!

Actual photo after one of my marathons. Lol I'm so beautiful after I run.

I'd love to hear which marathons you've done and how many!


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