Monday, May 11, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

The Benefit of Small Frequent Meals

We have heard it for years, “small frequent meals help with metabolism and are better for digestion”. New research shows that meals that have roughly the same amount of calories and are eaten at the same time each day are even more beneficial in training the body to burn calories.

Make sure you are using correct measurements! Get out the measuring cups for items that need to be measured!

Example Meal Plan

7 am Post workout - Chocolate Banana Smoothie, 250 cal

8 am Breakfast - Jalepeno Eggs, 280 cal

10 am Snack - Cheese wrapped in lunch meat & a fruit, 175 cal

1 pm Lunch - 2 Cucumber boats, 250 cal

3 pm Snack - Almond Churro mix and fruit, 219 cal

5 pm Dinner - Chili, 250 cal

8 pm night time - Greek yogurt, 130 cal

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Happy Healthy Eating!

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