Monday, February 27, 2017

Find your Hedgehog Meals

This is a technique that, if done right, can lead to life long success!!!

Let me explain.

A hedgehog is only good at one thing. 

Rolling up in a ball.

It isn't good at defending itself, or running away. It isn't that appealing as an animal or cute, at least not to me. 

Again it can only roll up in a ball and that is okay. 

That is all it needs to survive. That is all it needs to do to keep it alive long enough until its predators get distracted and move on. It works for it.

A hedgehog meal isn't much different.

It is a meal that is only really good at one thing. It has roughly your right amount of target nutrients and you can eat it almost every day.

Hedgehog meals don't have to be fancy, they don't have to meet any other needs besides the idea that you don't hate them and they have the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats.

These meals are valuable. Not every meal will be a hedgehog meal. I can't eat the same lunch and dinner everyday but there are certain things that I can eat everyday and they are my "go to" meals and they are tried and true. My post workout meal for example. I have that same stinking shake every day and I am okay with it. And my pre-bed shake. I eat that everyday. And I am okay with it. I also know people who eat oatmeal and eggs every day for breakfast and never change it up, something that I can't do but that works for them.

This sounds like a silly concept, comparing meals to hedgehogs but when we think of food as fuel and simplifying it in this way by finding meals that you can tolerate frequently than you only have to vary some of your meals.

It gets difficult when you are trying to meal plan for 6 meals a day, 7 days a week. That is over 40 meals to plan for and even more if you throw in other family members needs. 

Hedgehog meals will cut down cost, planning, calculation, preparation and stress. 

So when you get overwhelmed then give this simplifying hedgehog concept a try.

Find a meal that you can stand to eat most days, make sure it is within your target goals of protein, carbs and fats. Work it into your plan as much as you can and focus on making your other meals spectacular if you would like with enough variety to still get the other vitamins and minerals that you might need.

This will give you time to focus on other things like the little people in your life or organizing your weight room!

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