Thursday, May 11, 2017

5 ways to trick yourself into exercising

Let's face it. Not all of us jump out of bed with a smile ready to endure the pain or suffering that sometimes accompanies a good workout.

I know I don't. In fact, if you exercise in the morning the bed force can be strong.

One misconception that unhealthy people have of fit people is that "fit people enjoy exercising".

The truth is, there is not truth in this. Or at least there was not any truth to this for most people at the beginning. Most people do not enjoy exercising every single day. But fit people find a way to make it part of their lives.

You will know when you have arrived into a fit lifestyle when fitness no longer becomes something you have to make time for but when it becomes something you do.

There is a "crap stage", that you have to get through, pardon my language, but that is a real term used by me and my fitness friends.

But truth be known- You just have to get through it and sometimes the crap stage is the very reason why I don't stop exercising because I don't want to go through that again. It is also the reason why many people stop exercising. They never get to the awesome stage! The awesome stage is when you see all the benefits of exercising enough that you are willing to Marry it to your lifestyle.

So when all else fails- Trick yourself into exercising. I still do it. Although I am married to this life style I still trick myself into doing it.

Number 1:
Have a friend waiting- 
Workout buddies add an additional social element that motivates certain personalities. If you are the type of personality to not let a friend down then incorperate a friend into your exercising. It does make it more enjoyable and it is helpful if you can find someone who is reliable. If you do find someone reliable don't become a dead weight for them either- motivate each other. Build momentum together and you can do great things!

Number 2:
Brush your teeth-
I know what you are thinking. "What does she mean by this?" This is for you early risers who exercise first thing in the morning and want to press snooze on your alarm. Get up with the goal to brush your teeth at least. Once you wake up, find your tooth brush, have something minty in your mouth then you usually can continue to talk yourself into going into the gym.

Number 3
Have your clothes ready beforehand and put them on, ears to your shoes-
Whether you exercise in the morning or later in the day when it is time to go, have your clothes ready. Get dressed down to your shoes and put your pumping music in your ears. There are a lot of people that will get half heartily ready but get distracted in the process. If you put your workout music in your ears you will be tapping your foot and your body will be conditioned to start your workout.

Number 4
Have a plan-
This is absolutely important to have a plan of what you are going to do. Many people sign up for races or competitions in order to have something to work towards and they build their plans. If you have a plan you will be more prepared mentally to get out the door to accomplish it.

Number 5
Change the dialog in your head-
Did you know it is possible to brain wash yourself into achieving things that you want to achieve? You can do this by listening to personal affirmations that you record on your phone. Just say what you envision that you want for yourself in a voice memo and listen to it daily. Or simply think of exercise in a positive light. Focus on what you like about it and change the mental dialog in your head.

A friend of mine use to recite a running analogy for everything from physical fatigue to our days in graduate school. She would say "When all else fails just put your head down and run." She was referring to the painful stage of the marathon when your body has nothing left in the tank and your mental toughness is all you have to finish the marathon.

There are times when pure grit is all you have to get through your goals- Do not estimate the power of grit it will get you further than anything your mind can imagine.

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