Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our Bodies Are Like a Fly Wheel

Have you ever wondered why it's hard to lose weight and why it seems to take so long in the beginning?

That one great meal, that one great workout...they just didn't seem to cut it.

The same is true with people who are really fit. One bad meal doesn't send them tumbling over the edge into unfitimdom.

They can lay around for a week and they may lose a little muscle mass and may "claim" they feel awful but they look so fabulous while claiming that they feel awful that you want to secretly dress them in ugly clothes.

When you were a kid did you ever run one direction in a kiddie pool then try to switch directions so that your feet were knocked out under you? Or have you ever watched a hamster run on a hamster wheel and stop only to get swept away by the momentum of the wheel?

Our bodies are much the same they like to operate at the optimum amount of efficiency. Even if it is killing them.

Homeostasis is what it is called. Our hormones, our muscles, our bones, our cells even the number of mitochondria (powerhouses) found within our cells all work together in this messy yet perfectly harmonic dance that eventually leads to homeostasis.

Whether it is a homeostasis we desire or not depends of course on our goals and our understanding of health. Do we like our body storing great amounts of  fat in our midsection?

That is a type of homeostasis. I would say it isn't a good one. Or if we build a lot of muscle and we eat good foods, drink plenty of water and we rise early in the morning our bodies will expect these things from us and operate in a way to compliment this lifestyle.

This state of homeostasis is formed by our habits.

In other words we form our habits and our habits form us.

Our bodies are much like a flywheel.

A flywheel is a mechanism used in many modern day devices and inventions. It optimizes momentum.

Wiki describes a flywheel as: a mechanical device specifically designed to efficiently store rotational energy. Flywheels resist changes in rotational speed by their moment of inertia

Blah blah blah what does this have to do with eating cookies????!!!

So the question is? What flywheel ride are you on?

Are you spinning on as a storer? Or are you spinning on as a burner? You can be somewhere in between but what ride are you on?

With a flywheel the first few spins are strenuous. It is difficult to initially build momentum but once you gain momentum the flywheel begins to resist change.

The same is true when you start a fitness lifestyle right? It is difficult at first to begin the momentum and to see changes.

It feels slow and the body seems to resist changes at first but once every thing starts to align, and the body is convinced this is its new lifestyle it begins to support its new flywheel pattern.

Once you are on your "burner flywheel" for example, an unhealthy meal here or there will not send you spinning off like the hamster (okay so maybe the hamster was a terrible example earlier) Your flywheel will continue to spin even if you consume an unhealthy meal now and then. That is until you do enough things to change the overall direction of your flywheel. But once the direction changes you are in trouble.

I know what you are thinking.

That this isn't an exact science. Calories in calories out right? Yes you are right. But we are talking about mentalities.  We are talking about lifestyles. WE are talking about the accumulation of small decisions that make up the large framework of a larger picture. Most of us work this way.

I think it is a far healthier mentality than "I can never, ever eat an unhealthy meal." or "This one healthy meal or workout or short term diet will save me." I like the mindset that our overall habits rule us in the end. Our patterns our lifestyle will determine the course of our future more than once in a while meals or strict all or nothing mindsets.

Again one last thought to repeat and end with:

We form our habits which in return form us. 

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