Free Meal Plan

So many of you are in my situation of trying to figure out this clean eating transition while feeding a family and I would love to help.

All plans, recipes, bulk prep and shopping lists are included.  But I'll be clear these are not perfect but the way I do these is unique to me. I focus on my own meals most of the day and then I make sure we have family dinners together.

These plans improve as they go. Even with their faults please do not steal them and use them as examples of any type. These are for personal use only. I am not a nutritionist- I am a mother of 5 busy little ones and these are my personal meal plans, they take a lot of work to create so I would like to see other people benefit from them. 

You are free to print them and use the ideas but if you share them with someone refer them to this site and our Facebook page Fit Family Meals. Thank you!

Please email for your free meal plan.

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