"Your site is a treasure trove! Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard planning work with us moms. I recently (January) finally turned a corner in my life toward clean eating and fitness, but though I'm enjoying the exercise and generally love the healthier fare, I also crave the junk I'm still trying to leave behind. Your site is a breath of fresh air for a mom overwhelmed by all of the information available. You speak "busy-but-joyful mom" fluently, and I appreciate your down to earth approach. Thanks!" Denelle in TN
I came across your fb page not long ago and then discovered your blog. I just wanted to say Thank You for putting together the meal plans and for sharing what you feed your kids. My husband and I have really enjoyed the new healthy recipes. I love knowing that it's possible to eat healthy and feed a family too. Thank you again! Sofia P.
"I looked in the mirror this morning and just wept. I HAVE to get thinner and I need to be healthy, but can't afford the gym or expensive programs. Finding this blog was my gift from God today ......Thank you a hundred times. Can't wait to get started right away!" Ann G.

"This blog is a true answer to prayer :) thank you for your hard work putting it together :) I was trying to find some good healthy recipes for my daughter that she will actually eat :) THANK YOU!" Carrie B.

"I'm so excited to find this blog. Thanks so much!"

"Very cool. I have been looking for something like this. thx."

"Yippee!!!! Meal plans and recipes that use foods I actually like."

"Thank you for all your work! This is a great meal plan and gives me some different ideas of what to eat with my family (that's the tricky part; they get tired of my mundane "clean" meals!)" Keysha

"Taking note! Thanks for posting this."

"Great site! Thank you a million times:-)"

"Love myfitnesspal I lost 23lbs in 3 months. Now I am getting more serious about getting rid of processed foods and those treated with chemicals. I am going to add your you to my favorites this blog is awesome!!"

"Thanks for taking the time to do this- I am excited to try this!" Liz

"Howdy! I simply want to give you a big thumbs up for the great info you have right here on this post. I will be returning to your site for more soon."

Thank you for posting this-- especially great for all of those New Year Resolutions! I lost 40+ pounds in three months last year, just by eating healthy and working out. However, I had surgery on my leg back in April and gained back 25 pounds since then! It's time to get back on track! Maybe this plan will help those of us who feel deprived while "dieting"! Maybe this will be the lifestyle change I was looking for! Thanks again! 

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