Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kids Running Club Warm Up

Laffy Taffy Example (running safety)

The kiddos learned how to properly warm up. Most kids (and even many adults) will start running with a sprint without any kind of warm up. The purpose of the warm up is to get blood moving through the large muscle groups of the legs.

I brought two pieces of Laffy Taffy. One was frozen and one was warm. I asked them what would happen if I tried to bend the taffy. I then showed them. The frozen taffy snapped crisply in half. The warm taffy bent. We talked about how our muscles need to be warmed up or they can get hurt. I tried not to make it too literal. 

There are some parts of our bodies like ligaments and tendons that will snap or tear but mostly it is our muscles at a microscopic level that maybe damaged. The kids got the idea. And they remembered it. We also talked about not stretching before their muscles are warmed for the same reason.

Feel free to use this idea but please don't claim rights to them on your own site. These are my original ideas and thoughts. Send people back here to the site and I would appreciate it.

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